Snack / Noodle
Acesulfame K
Intense Sweetener which approximately 200 times sweeter than sugar.
Intense Sweetener which approximately 200 – 300 times sweeter than sugar.
Booster Cheese Powder
Booster cheese powder
Caramel Type I, III & IV (Liquid and powder form)
Provides color of caramel.
Cheese powders and cheese blends
Provide lots of cheese flavor like Parmesan, Cheddar, Cream cheese, fresh curd.
Cocoa powder:
Provides taste, odor and color of cocoa: Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Super Black
Dextrose Monohydrate
Bulking agent
Disodium succinate
Flavor enhancer
Sugar alcohol. Sweetness approximately 60-80% that of sugar. It used for sugar replacement and calorie reduction.
Fluid Soya Lecithin
Fruit powder
Citrus, Orchard fruits, Tropical fruits, Berries, Super fruits, etc.
Fruity and sweet flavor
Nature identical flavor and artificial flavor. Flavoring agent for enhancing the varieties of flavor and taste.
Maltodextrin : DE 10-12, DE 15-17 and DE 18-20
Native corn starch
Provide crispy texture in deep-fried product
Natural color
Powder and liquid form; dissolve in oil and water
Natural dairy concentrate
Dairy-based concentrates optimize flavor at low application levels to provide rich dairy flavor, fatty mouthfeel, flavor masking – and significant ingredient cost-savings.
Product range: Butter, cheese, cream, buttermilk, cocoa butter, dried beer extract, olive oil concentrate, butter savory flavor, Non-dairy (butter, cream) flavor, etc.
Black pepper, paprika, Capsicum, Mustard, etc.
Salt Substitute
Special salt blend for low-sodium product
Sodium Citrate
Buffering Agent
Sodium Citrate Anhydrous
Buffering Agent
Special blend (Fruit&Vegetable)
Berry mix, Veggie Fruity, etc.
Intense Sweetener which approximately 600 times sweeter than sugar.
Sweetener blend
Intense sweetener which 350 times sweeter than sugar with no PKU labeling
Synthetic color (dye and lake)
Powder and liquid form; dissolve in oil and water
Vegetable powder
Tomato, Carrot, Red beet, etc.
Wheat starch
Improve the binding, thickening, stability and texturing of products.
Yeast extract
Flavor enhancer that provides lots of characteristic savory flavor.
Yeast extract for salt reduction
Special yeast extract for low-salt product
Yeast extract for sweet reduction
Special yeast extract for sugar reduction product